Automobile Recycle
1: Bringing in
When transporting the automobiles, we take the same care as if we were transporting new automobiles. To prevent fluid leaking underground where the automobiles are kept, the ground is paved with concrete. We also take precautions to avoid oil, etc., flowing into gutters.
2: Fluid removal
We remove all waste liquids such as tires, batteries, Freon gas, engine oil, automatic oil, gear oil, power steering oil, antifreeze, and washer fluid.
3: Production
Here, dismantling of parts as useful parts takes place. They are classified into approximately 200 items. Dismantling is done by hand.
The dismantling and classification are very meticulous. This enables recycling of over 200 items, which is 4 times more than the standard industry average of 50 items by manual work.
4: Press
Once only the body of the automobile is left, we press it. The body of the automobile, having been compressed by the press machine, is reborn into raw materials through steel manufacturers and shredder companies.
5: Nothing remains
In the end, nothing remains.
To achieve a recycling rate of 100%, in contrast with the industry average of 80%, we work to cultivate new markets and further separation processing.
Commodity Handling
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